AT Home provides an integrated security solution.


The AT Home security system has been designed to protect your home not just against intruders or burglars, but also to prevent domestic accidents such as floods, fires or gas leaks.


The authorised central alarms unit includes a voice-message module that can send a spoken message to any of four telephone numbers stored in the system, keeping users informed whenever an alarm is triggered. Inside the home, users receive these alerts via the user interfaces (Zonepad and Graphicpad), displaying the time of alarm that is active and emitting a siren-type sound.


The unit has an easy-to-use, intuitive specific backlit keypad that can be used to arm the system fully or in sections (maximum of four). The unit can also be armed via the Zonepad y Graphicpad touch interfaces.


Setting up the configuration by using the ConfigHome application means you can use the presence detectors to control the lighting, air-conditioning, run a certain scene, etc.


By using the Web Server or GSM module you can check the status of the alarms, receive alerts and arm and disarm alarms by entering your PIN code.



Technical alarm and security module