With the AT Home system, the input and output modules are supplied preset by the manufacturer to be ready to function as soon as they are installed.


The system can also be set up immediately after installation, since the system itself automatically detects the existing installation (modules and devices connected to the AT Home bus). This procedure is carried out using the Zonepads.


For special installations for which a functionality other than the preset one is desired, the system can be configured with personalised settings via a PC and the purpose-designed application ConfigHome by AT Home. Under these circumstances, the use of an ATH-RS232PC hardware interface or gateway is necessary.


ConfigHome: quick and easy way network configuration


ConfigHome is a PC application that enables you to set up an AT Home network quickly and simply. It allows a greater degree of control of settings than configuration via the Zonepad, but its main advantages are that it supports the organisation of the network-design process, detects any previously implemented configurations and manages and maintains installations.


Also, ConfigHome files store information on the physical network structure, making the format ideal for exchanging projects at both the installation and logic levels.


With this advanced setup tool, you can perform such actions as:


  • Detecting modules, by choosing between global detection/detection by type, indicating whether the modules that make up the network will by detected type by type or all types at once, or detecting only modules that are used in the project.
  • Creating and editing projects that identify the settings of a specific installation.
  • Creating macros.
  • Associating macros with events that are generated in the installation.
  • Generating reports.
  • Since ConfigHome is a multi-window application, you can have several projects open at once in the main window environment.
  • Interface available in two languages: Spanish and English.



Configuration gateway


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