PTo complete the control of an automated home, AT Home features switch components that open and close electrical equipment, open and close stopcocks for garden-watering, and power up and shut down plug sockets, pool treatment units and automated doors, etc. on and off.


This functionality can be complemented by connecting sensors, conventional switches or other external equipment associated with a set of actions.


The intelligent control of multifunction items, supported by timer settings, helps you to maximise energy savings and the comfort level in your home.


By using ConfigHome setup software, you can configure such parameters as input by flank or level, associate several outputs with a single input, set a delay for the start of the action performed by a given output and set times for the running of the action, set normally open or closed relays, etc.



Module with 8 digital outputs, 48V/1A




Module with 16 digital or optocoupled inputs




Module with 8 digital inputs