The graphics button pad that controls all the automated systems in the home or office


With AT Home there is no need for a set of different switches in every room to control different functions. Zonepad allows you to control them all — air-conditioning, electrical appliances, lighting, window blinds, awnings and curtains, audio and security — separately for each room.


Also by bringing all the switches together into one unit, the aesthetics of the room are also greatly enhanced.


Unlike conventional buttons, Zonepad has a modern design with an interface that uses easily recognisable icons. And for even more convenience, a Zonepad can be installed in every room.


Even when users are away from home, they can control all the functions over the Internet or from a mobile phone.


Zonepad makes life more convenient, makes rooms more attractive and saves space.


Zonepad supports three different control levels:


  1. Manual: From any touch screen in the house.
  2. Programmable. For configuring timer settings for all the components and functions-hours, days or weeks in advance.
  3. Scenes: Programming combined actions by components and functions to enhance users’ comfort and security.