AT Home extends your professional opportunities


  • As it integrates multiple functions into a single products.
  • As it is a very complete, robust system.
  • As a single supplier can provide you with you everything you need.


Also, there are specific benefits for each type of professional:


  • For electrical installers, easy installation and start-up. Minimal wiring and quick, efficient setup.
  • For integrators, the capacity for integration with other domotics systems. It has an integration protocol with a complete, easy-to-follow language.


Always shoulder to shoulder with electrical professionals and integrators


We can also advise you in depth on the advantages of our product to make your job simpler and more effective.


Training: get the most out of your installations


AT Home regularly organises practical training courses adapted to all levels of attendees: from installation to the integration of systems.


  • Installation and programming.
  • Learning about configuration, testing and integration tools.
  • Defining integration projects where it is necessary to interconnect own and third-party components.


The Software for Calculating Intelligent Home Installations (CID)


It has been created to make it easy and intuitive to design an AT Home automation installation, and also to obtain full and complete information about that installation.. Download


If you would like more information about our training courses for installers and integrators, please contact us at or on 902 400 445.