Added value for the project and a major plus for you


AT Home gives you support from the time you are first conceiving your project right through all the stages of development.


Project design and concept:

  • Studying your customer’s needs.
  • Designing the AT Home project.
  • Providing all the documents needed for successful execution.
  • Advice on integration with other installations: electricity, air-conditioning, heating, telecommunications, audiovisuals, security, plumbing and gas.
  • Support for compliance with CTE requirements applicable to installations.
  • Inclusion of subsystems to control air-conditioning in heating in full compliance with the Regulations for Heating Installations in Buildings (RITE).
  • Integration with other domotics systems in the digital home.


Execution stage:

  • Advice on decision-making for better budgeting.
  • Advice on contracting installation services.
  • Training and certification of installation firms and consultants.
  • Involvement in coordinating different installations.



  • Conformity and assistance starting up the AT Home installation.


After-sales support:

  • Full availability of our national network of highly qualified technicians for quick-response troubleshooting.